I asked my guy friends: what do you want women to know about male pleasure?

I asked my guy friends: what do you want women to know about male pleasure?

You may be asking yourself, what is a vaginal health company doing writing about male pleasure? At Winx Health (formerly known as Stix) we are constantly acknowledging the importance of sex education. In high school sex education, boys and girls are taught separately about their own bodies, but not about each other’s. This has left many young women seeing male pleasure either as extremely simple, or as an enigma. For those of us with a male partner, it can be confusing to understand what they are thinking about sex and pleasure, and it can sometimes be intimidating to initiate that conversation. We want to start an important dialogue about what is being lost in translation between male and female pleasure. 

So, I asked my guy friends what do you want women to know about male pleasure? 

On initiating

“Men never want to feel like or have their partner feel like intimacy is a chore.”

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“We love morning sex, there’s nothing better to start the day.”

“It is a really big thing for women to initiate sex. Often guys do the initiation but nothing is hotter than when your girl tells you how badly she wants you.” 

On foreplay

“Foreplay is just as good as sex.”

“I love having sex but sometimes I’d rather just get/give head.” 

On mentality

“Male pleasure is relatively simple, yet can be seen as complex at the same time. In terms of stimulation, male pleasure is like a light switch. On and off. We see the right picture, video, or person: on. If we are stressed about something or there is something else consuming our mind: off. Whatever is playing a factor in our moods at the time of arousal largely plays into our sense of pleasure.”

“Sometimes we want to slow down/take a second so we can make the fun last longer.” 

What do YOU want women to know about male pleasure? Women, what do you want men to know about female pleasure? Write into us at hi@hellowinx.com

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