Our 9 favorite sex scenes to turn you on

Our 9 favorite sex scenes to turn you on

First thing’s first, you might be thinking ‘Isn’t this a health site? Why am I reading an article about sex scenes? Well, dear reader, sexual pleasure is an integral part of your health. Did you know that masturbating has lots of health benefits? It can lower stress, help you relax, and even promote healthy sleep. Plus, orgasms release endorphins — AKA those feel good chemicals in your brain — acting as a natural painkiller and even helping with period cramps. Need we say more?

Alright, so grab your vibrator and let’s get into it. But before we do, some quick PSAs — we don’t advise viewing with your parents or on your office desktop. Also, this contains spoilers. 

With the new Bridgerton prequel out, we wanted to take a dive into the steamiest sex scenes to get you in the mood. At this point, Bridgerton is pretty much synonymous with “the steamy show we watch with vibrator in hand.” (Thank you, Shonda Rhimes.) So, when the Bridgerton prequel was released on Netflix this week, we were immediately ready to binge. Queen Charlotte reveals the history behind the Queen’s rise to power as the ruler of the ton we know her to be. In classic Bridgerton fashion, there are an array of steamy sex scenes to intensify the telling of the story. This got us thinking about our favorite scenes to get turned on to, so we’ve compiled a list just for you. Happy watching (wink wink). 

Queen Charlotte: All the episodes, TBH

Kicking it off with the current talk of the town, Queen Charlotte. We secretly might just be watching to sneak a glimpse of King George with his shirt off. We can’t pick one scene for this show, it is oozing with sexual tension, and relationships are explored in a territory previously uncharted by Bridgerton. 

Let’s start off with Charlotte and George. We know they have 15 children together, so it is pretty clear they won’t be able to keep their hands off each other. Even at their peak of disdain for one another, they are banging every other day under the guise of procreation. You can’t deny the sexual chemistry between these two. The scene in the bathtub really brought the water works when they couldn’t even wait for Charlotte to pull her nightgown off before settling into the tub together. 

This show reveals several other crucial relationships, outside of the King and Queen. For one, the Kingsman and Queensman. We’d love a spinoff just focused on Brimsley and Reynolds. As the series’ first LGBTQIA+ lovestory, you can feel the sexual tension and partnership brewing between the two right-hand-men to the royals. The first time we see them hook up they’re ripping each other’s clothes off while discussing the lack of sex-goings-ons between the King and Queen. Very clever writing, Shonda. 

Perhaps one of our favorite story lines of this six-episode mini series was the evolution of Agatha Danbury’s sex life. Lady Danbury begins the season married to Lord Danbury in a non-consensual sexual relationship. Later in the series, Lord Danbury dies and Agatha turns the page in her sex life when she cozies up with Lord Ledger. She is seen enjoying herself and exploring her sexuality- something she didn’t know was possible. Hats off to you, Lady Danbury.

Bridgerton: Season 1 Episode 6

The show that started it all: Bridgerton season one was cutting edge in the steamy-scene category, especially for a Netflix show. It left fans wanting more, in a number of ways. The scene that really did it for us was the sex compilation we got in episode 6. On Daphne and Simon’s honeymoon we see them fooling around in an array of places and positions. Our personal favorite: Simon is eating Daphne out as she stands on a ladder. We recommend bookmarking this episode. 

Bridgerton: Season 2 Episode 7

Season 2 of Bridgerton was undeniably a much slower burn, as we were waiting on the edge of our seats for the promised erotica. In the end, the build up was definitely worth it. In episode 7 we see an impassioned argument between Anthony and Kate about their irrefutable love for one another. We get a scene full of foreplay and chemistry. Bridgerton does it again with the man-on-woman oral sex scenes. We love to see it. 

Gossip Girl (Reboot): Season 1 Episode 6

At long last we get the Aki, Audrey, and Max threesome. Many Gossip Girl fans are shipping this throuple, and we are here for it. After a flirty few episodes, Audrey and Aki invite Max to dinner and tell him he doesn’t have to leave. Audrey kisses Max, then encourages Max to kiss Aki and pretty soon after they’ve tuned the world, and their ringing phones, out; lost in each other. 

Normal People: Episode 12

While packed with sexual innuendos and straight up graphic sex scenes, Normal People might have done a better job at making our eyes wet than it did at making us wet down there. However, Marianne and Connell’s relationship did an amazing job at depicting how intimate and wonderful sex can be when you’re with a trusted partner. In the final episode of the show, we see the pair brushing their teeth together before getting freaky on the floor. But this scene shows the raw, real, comfort of having sex with someone you love. You can feel the emotion between the two as they cuddle naked on the floor after, with his head in her lap. We get a true appreciation for the intimacy between the two. 

The Notebook: when they rekindle 

Do we even have to say it? The Notebook gave us the mother of all sex scenes, what our high school fantasies were based upon. Ally and Noah getting back together after all of those years was too good not to mention. Noah carrying Ally in the house from being drenched outside in the rain made us all want to get caught in a rainstorm with a shirtless Ryan Gosling. 

Euphoria: Season 1 Episode 4

Sex scenes don’t alwaysss need to include more than one person to turn us on, do they? In the carnival episode, Cassie rides the carousel with Daniel. The two start making out, which quickly turns into Cassie having a *moment* riding her carousel horse to the finish. Might need to give us a moment after that one. 

White Lotus: Season 1 Episode 4

For those who love the idea of a secret office hookup, this one’s for you. Both seasons of White Lotus are full of tantalizing, provocative scenes, but this one may take the cake. Armond and Dillon are hidden in Armond’s office getting high, when things quickly take a steamy turn. The two are interrupted when Armond is face-first in Dillon’s backside. 

Sex Life: Season 1 Episode 1

Buckle (or lube) up, from the minute you press play on this episode it is one sex scene followed by another. From sex in the pool, to the kitchen, to the club, to boring and routine sex Billie is getting it on. PSA- you might want to watch this episode alone. 

The Spectacular Now: first time scene

Now this one might not be a typical spicy scene, but we think it realistically depicts the experience of having sex for the first time. Aimee tests the waters of sexual intimacy with Sutter in her childhood home- such nostalgic high school vibes. Albeit awkward, the two are sweet and communicative with each other- from putting on a condom to verbalizing what they want. This scene displays the importance of sex with someone you trust.  

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