7 tips for having great (and safe) sex in college

7 tips for having great (and safe) sex in college

‘Tis the season when 18-year-olds head off to college for the first time. If you’re one of those young adults or someone you know is, read on! 

Freshman year of college is an overwhelming time. You’re likely away from home for the first time, taking more challenging classes than you’re used to, feeling homesick, and crushing on that cute guy or girl on your floor. There’s a lot to take care of during freshman fall, and your sexual health should be one of them.

Here are 7 tips on practicing safe sex in college and wise words from some Winx Health (formerly known as Stix) customers on what they wish we did more of in college:

  1. Your college likely gives away free condoms like candy. Take. Advantage. Of. This. Buying condoms can be a less-than-ideal experience, especially if you live in a small college town or are using your family’s Prime account. So, do a quick google search and find your campus sexual health center.  Venture in there with a friend and grab a ton of condoms.

  2. Having safe sex means more than just using a condom. Is the sex you’re having emotionally safe? Don’t have sex with assholes. This sounds obvious, yes, but you’d be surprised how much regretful sex your peers are having. Your vulva is special so don’t let douchebags into it. How to tell if someone is a douche? Think about how they make you feel. Do they make you feel secure and comfortable? Are they enthusiastic about you? Respectful?

    Be honest with yourself about what you want.  If it’s casual sex, power to you. If it’s a relationship, don’t compromise on it. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and this is a great time in your life to find like-minded peers easily.

  3. In the same vein, don’t be an asshole yourself! Be respectful of your partner, don’t shame your partner if something feels off. Instead, ask them what they need. If you’re not into it anymore, let them know openly and quickly (preferably in person, breakup texts are so high school) so you can both move on.

  4. Communicate with your partners. This is especially hard in college when everyone is new to adulthood and independence. Take time to masturbate on your own (but not while your roommate is there, please, god no) and understand what makes you orgasm. Invest in a good vibrator. If you don’t know what kind of vibrator you want, find a woman-owned sex shop for a judgmental free zone to ask questions. Once you know what makes you get off, tell your partner in plain words. You’ll be doing him or her a favor. Enthusiastic sex and mutual orgasms are truly the goal, so do your part to get there! You deserve it, and you can get it.

  5. If you’re having sex on the regular, it’s important to test for pregnancy - especially if your periods are irregular. Check out this quick flow chart to figure out how often to take a pregnancy test. Winx Health pregnancy tests are affordable and delivered discreetly.

  6. STI tests! Your campus health center may offer these for free. Again, take advantage of this. Don’t have unprotected sex unless you have an open conversation stating exclusivity with your partner and you’ve both been tested. Regular STI tests give you the power to take control of your body and health decisions.

  7. Practice self care and mindfulness. If you don’t feel ready for sex, that is completely okay. Here’s the thing about college - no one is as experienced as they think they are. Take time to honor what you want and treat your body with respect. Make decisions that make you feel empowered and secure. 

Follow these seven tips to instantly feel better about how to practice safe sex in college. What’s the best sex advice you received as a college student? Leave it for our readers in the comments.

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