How do yeast infections affect sex?

yeast infection and sex

Yeast infections are hard to ignore. The itching, burning sensation that can come with a yeast infection might even affect the way you go about your day, but how can a yeast infection affect your sex life? Is having sex while treating a yeast infection a bad idea? These questions are very common, and all you need to know about how yeast infections can affect sex below.

Can I have sex while I have a yeast infection?

In order to lessen symptoms and speed up your recovery, it’s best to avoid vaginal, anal, and oral sex while you have a yeast infection. It’s likely that the friction caused during sex will increase your yeast infection symptoms and also make sex more painful.yeast-3-day-infection-treatment

Sex can also make it harder for a yeast infection to heal by increasing irritation. Yeast infections themselves cause your vagina to swell, so increased swelling from the friction that occurs with sex is not ideal for allowing the infection to clear. Also, the irritation and itching caused by a yeast infection can sometimes lead to open sores which will make it easier for bacteria and STDs to enter the body during sex. It’s best to keep the area clean and avoid putting anything in your vagina, including tampons, until the infection has healed.

Can I give my partner a yeast infection?

Yeast infections aren’t sexually transmitted diseases, but they can be passed on during sex if left untreated. Around 15% of men experience penile yeast infections after having sex with a currently affected female partner.  If both partners are female, the chance of transmission is higher as vaginas are more susceptible to developing yeast infections.

Test and treat yeast infections

While giving your partner a yeast infection is not common, it’s not rare either. To avoid this, be transparent with your partner about your symptoms and use protection. Seek treatment either over the counter or from your primary care doctor for your yeast infection as soon as you notice symptoms to relieve discomfort and heal your infection sooner.yeast-infection-complete-combo

How does yeast infection treatment affect sex?

A lot of topical solutions for treating yeast infections contain oil which makes it easier for condoms to break. If you are using creams to treat your yeast infection it is advisable to avoid any sort of vaginal intercourse as vaginal sex can push the medication out of the vagina and delay the healing process. For best results in treating your yeast infection, wait to have sex until after the infection is healed.

Ultimately, it’s best to avoid having sex until you or your partner’s yeast infection is treated. If you can’t wait, be transparent with your partner and monitor your symptoms to ensure they don’t get worse. Yeast infections aren’t fun, but Winx Health (formerly known as Stix) can help. Shop our yeast infection treatment products to both relieve symptoms quickly and strengthen vaginal health.

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